Interview with Simon Ackermann, VostraMed AG

Why did you decide to work with Decomplix?

Vostra-Med pursues a consequent outsourcing strategy. In this context we verified Decomplix’ CE certification services and found them to be a perfect match for us. With calculable costs for quality management and regulatory affairs, we have flexible access to excellent and varied know-how. We see great advantages in the shared use of Decomplix’ quality management system to meet increasing regulatory requirements in the future.

Did you have concerns before?

We analyzed the pros and cons in great detail and came to the conclusion that potential dependencies and loss of control are acceptable compared with the risks of other solutions. Especially during the onboarding process – before signing a cooperation agreement – Decomplix has shown us their commitment for customer-friendly solutions.

How does Decomplix meet your expectations regarding CE certification services?

Due to the huge expertise and prudent approach of Decomplix, we can focus fully on our key tasks sales, distribution and product development. The communication with the notified body by Decomplix in particular makes our daily business lives substantially easier.

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