4 questions to Nicolas Hoefler, Head of Digital Services & Ecosystem, Groupe Mutuel

Portrait of Nicolas Hoefler

Interview conducted by Beni Hirt, Decomplix CEO

How important is medical device software (e.g. symptom checkers, patient triage apps) for a Swiss health insurer like Groupe Mutuel?

Digital tools have become an integral part of our core processes. We increasingly adopt software solutions that help patients decide whether or not a consultation with a physician is needed, e.g. a symptom checker. Such software qualifies as medical device software (MDSW) in Switzerland, turning Groupe Mutuel into an importer with the corresponding responsibility.

What future developments do you anticipate in the use of medical device software by Swiss health insurers?

We strive to empower our customers with easy access from everywhere (24/7) to the healthcare system and relevant medical information. Also due to the lack of general practitioners in Switzerland, we aim to reduce unnecessary doctor appointments and, with that, the treatment cost at all levels. Digitalization will certainly lead to more integration of medical device software solutions, e.g. artificial intelligence-based treatment recommendations, predictive and prognostic algorithms as well as risk assessment tools.

What is the most beneficial aspect of relying on external regulatory expertise on medical device software for Groupe Mutuel?

The collaboration with Decomplix ensures that compliance issues are well covered to minimize our risks and avoid reputational damage. We are closely supported with notifications from Swissmedic regarding the CE marking status of medical device software or the role of Groupe Mutuel as an economic operator under the MedDO.

Out of these, how are Decomplix services helping Groupe Mutuel?

Decomplix gives us the necessary autonomy, with simultaneous compliance security, in the use of software as a medical device for our digitalization endeavors. Accompanying Groupe Mutuel in its role as a Swiss importer of medical device software simplifies our daily business, also by an understanding of regulatory requirements and ensuring having an always accessible knowledge partner for questions.

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