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22.01.2019 @decomplix

BSI UK has become the first notified body to be designated under the #MDR #MedicalDeviceRegulation #whataboutbrexit?

15.01.2019 @decomplix

The #Brexit deal negotiated by the British government has been rejected today. The worst outcome is more uncertaint… https://t.co/fs2wVTGGgi

18.09.2018 @decomplix

RT @JohnNosta: “Simply put, the new #AppleWatch is moving from a trendy option to a clinical imperative.” @JohnNosta #quote #digitalhealth…

12.09.2018 @decomplix

Fresh FDA speech to #AI: „we pilot and look prior on excellence not on compliance.“ In contrast to the EU commissio… https://t.co/oFPMLp7jss

12.09.2018 @decomplix

How can we keep the continuous learning being better than last time? Trust in developers, in product and in its lif… https://t.co/sAluT8eChN

12.09.2018 @decomplix

Needs a swiss medical cloud? #IHAI18 https://t.co/3m3FOEKg65